Thursday, March 5, 2015

Spy Chameleon coming to Xbox One

Everything was already said in the title! The game will be released in the next months, so stay tuned.

I want to let you know that the original Spy Chameleon was released on Xbox 360 as a personal indie project long time ago. Now, its far more polished and full of content sequel will be released on Xbox One. I will write a special post about the original idea in the future.

We think Spy Chameleon will be a good game in any Xbox library. A good mix of skills and planning will be required to achieve 1000g.

Wii U happiness :)

Hi color changing spies!

We haven't announced yet in our website that Spy Chameleon was released on Wii U so... Spy Chameleon is available on Wii U! :) ...since December 25th, in fact. With leaderboards, playable also on the gamepad and with in-game achievements for the completists.

The game is getting nice press and player reviews (, we are so happy about it and we wanted to say THANK YOU!

We are running a sale in the European market and from today also in the USA market so if you haven't played the game yet this would be the right time to get it.